You have questions. wE have answers.

Below are some of the top questions we get asked leading up to club seasons.

What ages are you offering?

We are offering U11 – U18s. We expect to have between 2-5 teams per age level.

How Do Tryouts Work?

We do a physical testing component, positional evaluations, and then some play-it-out scenarios. We are looking for coachable players and skilled players. Working hard and giving great effort, can mean more than raw skill at times. We give out most of our offers on Saturday, but reserve some for Sunday tryouts. We strongly encourage players to accept or decline before the final time. It helps us and the countless girls who want a spot but have to wait for movement. We are always available for calls or emails to answer any and all questions.

How do you handle play time?

For the 13 and under teams we look to create a little more balance in play time when possible. Starting with the 14s and up, we believe in putting our best players forward. Play time constantly evaluated throughout the year, so players can continuously shift depending on skill progression, attitude, and coach-ability. By the end of tournaments if in Gold Bracket’s especially, we are there to win and compete to our highest level. Players can expect to play every weekend no matter what age group they are in.

How many players do you take per team?

We aim to have 11 full players and an optional 12th practice player at a reduced fee. 10 players would also be considered a full team, but having 11 helps for longer tournaments and stronger competition/work ethic in practices.

What age should my athlete tryout for?

Whatever age they are on June 30th, 2025 is the oldest age they can tryout for. You can always be younger playing up, but not older playing down. View this age chart for double confirmation!

Do you allow multi-sport athletes?

We accommodate multi-sport athletes. Playing multiple sports is helpful to general development and makes volleyball players much more dynamic and creative as players. We do ask that at times sacrifices are made for the club as well and priority isn’t always given to other sports. Missing practices happens, but missing all major tournaments wouldn’t be a great option. Nationals must also be attended as we predicate on building all season to showcase our teams there.

What’s included in dues?

Dues include a full jersey package (backpack, 2 jerseys, 2 practice t-shirts, 2 spandex, warm-up top/bottom for national level teams), tournament entry for the player, and practice time. Travel costs are not included.

What Is Systems Training?

Systems training is focused on developing every player from 11s-18s in the same methodology. The receive the same feedback cues, similar drills (scaled by age), and the same level of attention. Our system is fast-paced, athletically driven, and predicated on working hard to achieve results. We have high attention to detail and a culture of deep respect.

What Is Master Coaching?

Master Coaching is guided by Patrick Bieser and Jon Mohr, by writing all the practice plans for every team and running top down the practices. Every team operates under guidance, but coaches are empowered to push and give input. The master coaching ensures every practice is consistent for every team and following the drills of Wisconsin Elite Volleyball.

What Are the Season Dues?

The dues range from $1,275 and $3,500. Here is the full breakdown of Club Dues.

What Is the Practice & Tournament Schedule?

Our Tournament schedule can be found here & our practice schedule can be found here.

What is the Development Program?

Starting in the 2023 season, we are launching a Development Program for U9-U14s. This is a very low-cost option to get training one day per week on Thursdays to gain exposure or refine skills. We know many girls cannot commit financially, time-wise, or skill-wise to a whole club volleyball team. We don’t want to see girls not have the chance to play and get skills before school season. More details can be found under the Girls Program tab.

Retention Offers for 2024-25 Season?

We are offering a select number of retention offers across teams. No team will be filled after retention offers and offers for us are to the program rather than a specific team. Our full policy can be viewed here.