About Wisconsin Elite

Club Mission: 

Our mission is to positionally develop our players, creating stronger core players and, consequently, more competitive teams. We are committed to elevating our players from their current level to the next stage of their playing journey. Our ambition extends beyond seasonal success; we strive to see our players become significant contributors not only to our club but also to their school, varsity, and collegiate teams.

What is System Training: 

At its core, system training is a way to develop every player in the club, from regional to national players, to the highest degree. It provides the same technical and critical skill development to every player. Each player is a paying customer and, thus, should get the same value from our system and coaches. We aim to reshape the training method for Wisconsin Club Volleyball programs and the greater Milwaukee Club Volleyball scene.

Active Coaching 

As a coach within the club, our system is built on the principle of collective coaching. None of the players belong exclusively to a coach but are part of the club. They are Wisconsin Elite players, and our coaches are Wisconsin Elite coaches; therefore, any coach can provide coaching tips and support under a particular to any of our players.  

Rep Counts: 

Reps are the only way to learn a skill truly. You can be taught a skill, but continuous repetition is the only way to engrain those skills. Thus, increasing the number of reps in a practice equates directly to increased skill development. Better, skilled players make up better teams.


  • 14 & Up National Teams – 3 practices per week
  • Competitive tournament schedule, Badger Region Power League, Champions Cups, JVA World Challenge, AAU Nationals
  • Explosive plyometric workout training designed by Jon & Patrick, across teams, for every practice or at least once/twice per week
  • Uniform package included in dues
  • Master Coaching, Jon &/or Patrick present at almost every practice
  • One facility for training
  • Leadership training and development
  • Private/Small group training available
  • 11-18s Girls Teams available
  • Top area coaches that believe in systems training and all train one way and one style
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin Club Volleyball location
  • Our Commitment to Your Success: We place a premium focus on recruiting and provide extensive support from Jon & Patrick. With our countless connections to D1-NAIA coaches/recruiters and the use of SportsRecruits, we ensure that your talent gets the recognition it deserves.