Wisconsin Elite Girls Regional Program

Offering 11s through 16s as Regional Teams.

About Our Regional Program

The Wisconsin Elite Volleyball Regional Program spans from our Girls 11s to 16s. We take our Regional program seriously and have the same expectations of standards. The season runs December through March. The regional teams practice twice per week and still have workouts. These teams get to work alongside our national teams and we push them just as hard.

Our 14 Regional division finished second in the 2023 Badger Regional Power League. We expect them to compete well against our National teams and grow a lot.

More about Our Program

Expected # of 2023-24 Regional Teams

  • 1: 16s Team
  • 2: 15s Team
  • 2: 14s Teams
  • 2: 13s Team
  • 2: 12s Teams
  • 1: 11s Team