Parent Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our families say:

Phenomenal training, coaches, and program. My daughter came to WE pretty raw in her skills and lacking confidence. Right away, Jon, Patrick, and the coaches developed her confidence by helping her see and build on her strengths, while also providing opportunities for extra reps of skills training in areas she needed more support. They invested the time and energy to get to know her as an individual so they know how to best coach her, challenge her, and provide constructive feedback. All the while, fostering a culture of strong team unity and collaborative success.

My daughter said it best when asked why she loves playing for WE: “It’s their unconditional support and how much they invest in all of us because they truly care about all of us. Seeing how proud they are when we play well and how legit happy they are for us when we finally figure out something we’ve been working on in practice. Even when we make a mistake, they help us learn from it and get better for next time. It makes me WANT to work hard and learn how to get better and always give my best…”

WE has been a the best club experience for our family. Jon, Patrick, and their staff are exceptional coaches providing top tier training. Most importantly, they are genuinely good people, who genuinely care about every single one of their players, on and off the court.


Elite Family 2023

A wonderful club with amazing coaches and directors. This was our daughter’s best season ever. She had incredible training not only in volleyball but in life skills as well. The girls received top-notch training both on and off the court. I can’t say enough good things about them. We finally found a club that gave everything they said they would and so much more. ❤️

14-Elite Family


Great people, consistent communication. Very good facility and they work closely with parents. Highly recommended.

13-Red Family


Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to let you know how truly grateful and appreciative we are for how you worked with our daughter (as well as mom & dad) yesterday. We know you didn’t have to do a single thing for us. Instead, you jumped in feet first, you scrambled to meet with her, you gave up your time and you pushed her on a day when she wasn’t sure she could give anymore.  You spoke to us professionally, calmly, and honestly. You shared words that healed some wounds you didn’t create. Through that short time, we were reminded of all the good things we have always heard about the two of you not only as coaches, but individuals. We are grateful.  

Not everything starts the way we think it should…but we truly believe that this is exactly where our daughter was meant to be, and we can’t be more thankful that she will have the chance to work with each of you as well as Coach Sandy and Nick this year. We know she will come out stronger as a player and an individual because of it. Thank you for the amazing amount of dignity and respect you have shown.  

17-Elite Family


The growth my daughter experienced with Wisconsin Elite in her athletic ability, confidence, and character cannot be overstated. At the beginning of our first season, she had been a shy kid and combative about attending athletic practices of any kind. She was insecure about her skill level and her ability to make friends with her teammates. By the end of her second season with Wisconsin Elite she was a starting setter, and her negative attitude had inversed to an eager passion to both play and cheer on her team. She had internalized the notion that confidence and skill are forged in the furnace of adversity, and this attitude bled over to all aspects of her life. She now seeks to be challenged to achieve excellence in all her pursuits, be they artistic or academic. Anything less than high expectations she now sees as condescending. Now in high school, she approaches her coaches directly for pointed feedback and specific direction on how to advance herself. She learned this from Wisconsin Elite. The coaches with Wisconsin Elite have found an amazing balance between building resiliency and ability through their intense competitiveness by providing equal quantities of enthusiasm, team spirit, and boundless positivity. I would recommend them to any family who values excellence and wants their children to know what it feels like to truly believe in themselves.

14-Blue Family


Great family you have built! Anyone looking for a great club environment where your child will develop and be ready for the next level, look here. Already miss Wisconsin Elite Volleyball!

18-Elite Family


Patrick (and Jon) is a committed club director and coach who demonstrates contagious enthusiasm, high energy, professionalism as well as exemplifies the utmost passion for directing/coaching all team levels including individual players alike. While the club is new to the division, he has been instrumental in its success and growth with doubling the number of teams in 3 years from 11 to 22.

12-Elite Family


Huge shout out to the 15 National Coach. She managed my daughter’s knee injury and returned to play amazingly. While as mom I may have been nervous about her playing over the last two weekends of play, I never had any doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing and trusted that. Thankful also for all the support my daughter got from everyone at WI Elite, coaches, players, parents etc. at the club as well over the past month. We are really feeling that Elite family vibe. 

15-Red Family