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Tryouts are always one of the more stressful times of the year for players, coaches, and of course parents. When the day comes, and the offers start going out the natural thought is trying to make that exclusive ones/first team. Every year, players sit on offers hoping to get the 1s team offer from the club of choice or second, third, or even fourth choice clubs 1s team offer. While it’s great to have options for tryouts, chasing just a first-team offer might not be the best mindset approach.

Keys To Selecting A Club

Club Philosophy of Training

The number one question for any prospective player or parent should be what is the club’s training philosophy? Every club has a mission and unique added value, but not all can define how a player progresses through a club. Do players learn skills the same way from 12-18s or does every coach get to train their team how they see fit?

There certainly is value to varying ways of presenting coaching information, but value diminishes when skills are taught in contrary ways year to year. We’ve all heard players say, but my coach said to serve like this, or my coach thought we should play defense in this style. Right or wrong, this confuses players quickly especially if those varying opinions are happening in a club setting. Wisconsin Elite is putting a strong emphasis on consistently teaching skills no matter the team or age from 12s through 18s. Consistent feedback cues are important.

Difference Between 1s, 2s, 3s

The difference between a Wisconsin Elite 1, 2, or 3’s team is primarily the number. Yes, the talent is a bit different between levels, but the training received never varies. Teams practice together and get the same master coaching practice plans from Jon and Patrick. We write all the practice plans for every team and implement ourselves at practices. The coaches are there to help facilitate and coach, but the training philosophies come directly from the top for every team. The singular primary difference is the tournaments. However, we scale each team based on how they perform during the year. If a team needs tougher competition, we will enter them up and push them harder.

Value of Each Team

Every team carries the same value at Wisconsin Elite. The expectations are the same, and the training and levels of expectation are the same. Teams are expected to push, cheer for each other, and build together as one family. We don’t believe in creating a regional team and ignoring them the whole year. We take great pride in every team having success and growing during the season.

Whether you are a first-time club family or have been around the block, take the time to understand the training philosophy of your club, attend tune-ups to see the style, and ask questions. If your tune-ups or practices are just play it out and wash drills, maybe it’s time to consider something different. Players get better through reps and consistency. Learn more about our tune-ups and tryouts.

Patrick Bieser

Co-Founder/Master Coach