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Wisconsin Elite Volleyball is centered around our innovative approach to volleyball in the Wisconsin area. We were founded around System Training and will continue to always keep training as our primary focus as a club program.

System training at its core is a way to develop every player in the club from regional to national players to the highest degree. It provides the same technical and critical skill development to every player. Each player is a paying customer and thus should get the same value from our system and coaches. There are three pillars to our system.


The number one thing we pride our training on is consistency across all our age levels. From U12s to U18s we build off the same core principles of training. We teach passing, arm swings, defense, offense, 1st contacts, etc. all one way. The skills build and develop as they progress in age, but they will never get conflicting coaching feedback in our club. We continue to add new strategies, drills, and challenge ourselves to grow, but never at the price of reteaching skills a whole different way.

Rep Counts: 

Reps are the only way to truly learn a skill. You can be taught a skill but continuous repetition is the only way to engrain those skills. Thus, increasing the number of reps in a practice equates directly to increased skill development. Better skilled players make up better teams. We push for pace and max reps every practice and build our drills/system around getting players more involved.

Active Coaching: 

As a coach within the club, the system is predicated on all coaches coaching across the board. Never being hesitant and knowing the expectation is to constantly give feedback to not only your players but any player you see making errors. None of the players belong to a certain coach but to the club. They are Wisconsin Elite players and our coaches are Wisconsin Elite coaches, therefore any coach can offer coaching tips and help to any of our players.  

Coaching during the basic aspects of practice to the complex moments is of all the same value. We expect our players to give us everything at all times, therefore we have the same expectation of our coaches.

From our consistency, fast pace, and eager coaching staff, we believe that our system has the ability to elevate any player that plays for Wisconsin Elite Volleyball. Whether you are on a regional team or an Elite team, we care about your development and growth. Learn more about our system by coming to a tune-up, camp, or trying out for our program!

Patrick Bieser

Co-Founder/Master Coach